Life Insurance

Life insurance helps create security for you and your family. When you die it can be used to pay for expenses and provide an income for your family. While you are still living some life insurance policies can build tax-advantaged savings you can draw upon as needed as well as supplement your retirement income.

Critical Illness Insurance

If you were diagnosed with a critical illness, such as cancer or heart disease, would you have the funds available to cover medical expenses and lost income? Although specific coverage varies from policy to policy, CI insurance will help cover these costs if you are diagnosed with a critical illness and require funds for your care.

Disability Insurance

In the event of an accident or illness, disability insurance could mean the difference between having an income and not having an income, if your disability prevents you from working.

Group Benefits

Whether you’re an employer looking for a benefits plan to offer your employees, self-employed, between jobs or retired, there is a perfect health care package of benefits available. With the constant changes in provincial health care plans, affordable protection against unexpected medical expenses is important to everyone. We can offer you quality supplementary individual health and travel insurance coverage, as well as group benefits and group life insurance.